Help Propose a Solution To Local Communities In Nigeria

Project Overview

Key Objective: Help propose a solution to local communities in Nigeria and win a cash prize
Project Location: Nigeria
Project Deadline: TBC
Project Value: TBC
Project Sponsor: PAICA Global

Project Brief

1) Think of unused, discarded, run-down, under-utilised resources in your local community

2) Propose social value/good which could arise by mixing & remixing the identified (unused, discarded, under-utilised) resources above

3) Create a short video clip to be used as an ‘elevator pitch’ to raise funding (for example – you can use free tools like biteable)

4) Win a prize of £100 (equivalent to 50,000 Naira in Nigeria)

Other Notes

This challenge has been sponsored by PAICA Ltd and the idea remains the sole intellectual property of the proposer. In addition, PAICA would offer free training on how to develop business model as well as business plan.

Project Sponsor – PAICA Global

PAICA Global’s aim is to provide the advice, tools and funding to allow entrepreneurs to start and grow successful businesses across Africa, with a particular interest in innovation and change. Whilst aid is a useful tool, it does little to alleviate the problems facing Africa in the long term. PAICA provides Africans with the knowledge and resources to build businesses that sustainably resolve the issues plaguing them on a daily basis. This reduces unemployment and poverty whilst combating social issues, which in turn, provides an economic springboard from which to invest in education, agriculture and more!

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