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A business plan is a road map for the entrepreneur and also could as a great marketing & communication tool. It has become so vital that most financial institutions (banks, venture capitalists, angel investors, and equity based crown funding) will not loan funds without a detailed business plan. This free four (4) weeks short course is designed to equip African start-up firms with knowledge of how to design a winning business plan.



On completion of this short course you are expected to:

  • To understand the differences between Business Model Vs Business Plan
  • Examine different formats of a business plan
  • To understand the fundamentals of a successful elevator/rocket pitch



This short course will be delivered online for a period of only 4 weeks. Participants will be required to engage via the PAICA online portal. Materials will be provided including videos, articles and other multi-media resources.



  • Business Plan Components
  • Business Plan (Definition, Scope, Benefits, & Challenges)
  • Business Model Vs Business Plan
  • Business Plan Vs Effectuation
  • Pitching the Business Plan (Elevator Pitch)
  • Business Plan Vs Passion



Dr Nasiru Taura

Dr Nasiru Taura  is a seasoned lecturer with over a decade experience and expertise in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation, & design management. Dr Taura lives and teaches entrepreneurship & innovation in some UK Universities for over a decade. He is also a visiting lecturer at Winchester School of Arts (WSA) for design management as well as an External Examiner at Bath Spa University, UK. Dr Taura also belongs to international network  of experts such as ‘Innovation 360 group’ Stockholm (Sweden) and  the Royal Society for Encouragement of Arts & Manufactures (RSA), in the UK. Dr Taura’s work on African innovation have been presented at international conferences such as Academy of Management in the United States, RENT in France, European Summer University ESU (Estonia, Denmark, & Portugal). Dr Taura is now currently leading the editing of a  book in the Palgrave Macmillan Africa entrepreneurship series titled: ‘digital entrepreneurship in Africa…’










Section 1From Business Model to Business Plan
Section 2The Business Plan Components
Section 3Evaluating Sources of Finance
Section 4Practice your 'Elevator-Rocket Pitch'
Section 5Final Task: How would you implement your business plan?
Section 6Examples of Winning Business Plans


  1. Habibu Zakaria says:

    This is an interesting development and it came at the right time when our teaming African youth are without jobs despite being surrounded with many business opportunities.
    – Initiatives like PAICA can provide the much needed Entrepreneurship Development Skills to enable the youth and other business minded Africans in a way of Identifying and profer
    uterlization of business opportunities,
    – The training and Funding aspect will for sure resulted in making the people to be self sufficient there by reducing the poverty level.
    – Indigenous participation in an effort to improve Socioeconomic problems in societies like Nigeria is so vital for easy acceptance and understanding by our communities…….. I have to personally thank PAICA for this positive Vision and wish them success.

  2. Joachim Wirmum Nsoyune says:

    Transforming our ”unlimited” ideas into sustainable entrepreneurial is a war we must win if we must stay relevant and innovative in the fast changing world.

    Dr Nasiru, this is a highly commendable initiative which, if enhanced, will go an extra mile to abate the missing ability in us to pivot ideas to stay relevant. Kudos!

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