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DateJun 29, 2019
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Business model is a plan for how a business competes uses its resources, structures it’s relationship, communicates with customers, creates value and generates profits. Without a business model, you are unlikely to capture, visualise, understand, and communicate your business logic effectively. This free 2 weeks short course is designed to equip African start-up firms with knowledge of how to construct an effective business model using an online interactive platform the ‘Validate’. Thus, the short course has been design by PAICA Global alongside Balloon Ventures, UK. Both PAICA and Balloon Ventures championed the development of African Business Start-ups.



On completion of this short course you are expected to:

  • To understand the Business Model and its several functions/benefits
  • To construct a business model using an interactive canvass (the validate)



This short course will be delivered online for a period of only 2 weeks. Participants will be required to engage via the PAICA Learning Management System. Materials will be provided including videos, articles and other multi-media resources.



  • Business Model (functions/benefits)
  • How to construct an online business model
  • The evolution of business models
  • Components of business model
  • Business model & strategy
  • Business model innovation



Are you an African start-up business but struggle to grow or simply couldn’t innovate? or are planning to start-up your business but not sure how to start? Do you struggle to map out your resources and communicate your business logic to your customers? or simply do want to try a new tool to enable you achieve added value? If this sounds like you then why not sign up for this 2 weeks short course designed help you? Not only does this course offers learning opportunity but also allows you use an online interactive and intuitive tool the ‘Validate’ sign up here by copying and pasting the link to your browser: https://validatestartup.com/classes/share/KnlKXXz_



Dr Nasiru D. Taura

Dr Nasiru D. Taura  is a seasoned lecturer with over a decade experience and expertise in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation, & design management. Dr Taura lives and teaches entrepreneurship & innovation at different UK Universities for over a decade. He is also a visiting lecturer at Winchester School of Arts (WSA) for design management as well as an External Examiner at Bath Spa University, UK. Dr Taura also belongs to international network  of experts such as ‘Innovation 360 group’ Stockholm (Sweden) and  the Royal Society for Encouragement of Arts & Manufactures (RSA), in the UK. Dr Taura’s work on African innovation have been presented at international conferences such as Academy of Management in the United States, RENT in France, European Summer University ESU (Estonia, Denmark, & Portugal). Dr Taura have recently led the  editing of a  book published by Palgrave Macmillan on ‘digital entrepreneurship in Sub saharan Africa.



Section 1Business Model: Origins, evolutions, & Development
Lecture 1Understanding Business Model
Lecture 2Constructing Business Model
Lecture 3The Validate: Interactive online business model constructor
Lecture 4Resources: Suggested Readings

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