What Is PAICA?

We promote entrepreneurship to help tackle social issues


Hello there,

My name is Nasiru and in 2015, I founded the Pan African Innovation and Cluster Academy, or PAICA for short. PAICA is an enterprise global academy dedicated to combating poverty and promoting entrepreneurship across Africa. Having grown up in Nigeria, I’ve witnessed first-hand some of the struggles and social hardships suffered on a daily basis, and I have made it my mission to help improve the lives of as many African people as possible. After much studying and research, I decided to form PAICA as my way of giving back.

I believe that by promoting entrepreneurship and social innovation, we can help to provide more regular and gainful employment across Africa, helping to combat social issues and improve infrastructure across the region. As a cluster builds and infrastructure improves, so an area becomes more suitable and able to sustain business, providing a natural hub for new businesses and entrepreneurial growth. Businesses can help to nurture each other, forming a self-sustaining and accommodating cluster for business. This in turn, proves a highly effective method for driving education, innovation and social benefit for the local people and their economy.

PAICA helps to support this mission by providing as much business support and guidance as possible, including online courses to educate entrepreneurs, access to crowd-funding, banks and investor networks, and providing links to appropriate mentors and like-minded businesses. We also promote a range of social challenges, encouraging innovative and entrepreneurial individuals to combat a range of social issues which hamper people during their everyday lives. We have split these issues into agriculture, environment, education and healthcare based challenges, each of which provides its own natural business niche, in addition to its social benefits. By organising innovation challenges and advocating for grass root innovations PAICA provides a platform for African businesses to showcase their innovations and be discovered by funders/investors globally.

If you’re looking for support with a social enterprise, building a cluster or simply an innovative product – please get in touch. I’d love to see how we can help you!

Kindest regards,

Dr Nasiru Taura.


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